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Building Confidence Through Guided Interactions

There are many paths of guided interactions to build social confidence. Sometimes we guide the parent-child relationship;  Enhancing the parent-child relationship will strengthen the child’s ability to interact with peers and adults outside their families. At times our journey will start with helping an individual to develop lacking skills within the framework of individual meetings. At other times, individuals will benefit from guided practice with peers. Group therapy provides a social context in which children and adolescents engage with peers while they learn about themselves and others.

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Social Endeavors You

Social Endeavors You are Individualized meetings with children or adults.

Together we will take the time to understand what is going on with you and/or your child. When we think about emotional growth, we realize that the roots of the dysfunctional behaviors / emotional experiences like: anxiety, depression, explosive behaviors, difficulty to connect with others socially or intimately, are often deep and unknown.  We believe that by developing a safe space in which you will be accepted with no judgment, in which mutual feedback is given and received, you will have the freedom to explore your personal history and current life stressors to develop new ways of coping, thinking and interacting.

We are committed and passionate  about our work and excited to join you on this endeavor.

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Social Endeavors Together

We believe that the parent-child relationship is the most important one in early childhood and throughout life. This relationship builds the foundation for all future relationships with others. We strive to provide a safe environment for parents to explore their parenting style and learn new strategies to enhance their relationship with their children.

Our approach 

Our approach is based on the notion that active parental involvement in children’s life is key to a positive atmosphere at home and beyond and leads to strong bonds between family members.

Our work focuses on:

  • Helping parents understanding the developmental need of their children and learn to communicate their expectations and set limits as appropriate.  

  • Facilitating emotional regulation, in which parents learn to identify their children's emotions and body-regulation needs, learn to talk with their children about it and learn how to respond in a way that will allow their children to identify their own feelings and energy needs; and learn to calm their body and mind to a level that is adaptive to the situation. 

  • Collaborative problem solving, in which parents learn to really listen and understand their children’s perspective and their social emotional needs; And learn to reach solutions that integrate both child and parents perspectives.

How do we work?

  • Play Therapy: at times,  will take the form of playing together. We provide a fun and creative setting wherein parents can learn how to use play as a vehicle to enhance their relationship with their child and learn how to facilitate positive social interactions between their child and their child’s peers. 

  • Talk: at other times, our work will remain in the realm of conversation.

Regardless of the modality, children, with our guidance and their parent’s direction and support, will practice and acquire new emotional regulation and other skills as needed. Parents and children will strengthen their own relationships and experience success together.

Group Meeting


Social Endeavors Group

Social Endeavors Group is a weekly group meeting designed to help children develop age-appropriate social and communication skills.
Our mission is to help children, between the ages of 3-17 y, develop successful social relationships with peers. For some, it may mean developing a meaningful relationship with one or two peers, for others, it may mean being part of a larger group.
Group activities include conversation practice, collaborative play,  team building activities, and unstructured interactions.
Regardless of the age, gender or interest – the key to success on this journey is in helping children and youth become flexible thinkers, strong problem solvers and understand how their behaviors affect the thoughts and feelings of others.  On this social endeavor, we help each child better understand his own style of interaction and communication which will allow them to meet their own social goals and experience success.

Raising Hands


Support for Parents and Teachers

Social Endeavors School helps families and teachers identify challenges in the classroom environment and develop strategies of intervention for the teacher to implement in school that will help your child fully participate in classroom activities and social situations.

We believe that the best way to address challenges in school is through a comprehensive intervention plan. We will integrate input from the people that know the child best, his parents and teachers, with our expertise in child development and social emotional functioning, allows us to tailor a plan that will meet the child’s individual needs. We will provide tools to your child’s teachers that are specific to your child’s  strengths and challenges and takes into account the environmental constraints.

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