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Bellevue, WA


Dr. Arie enjoys working with children and adults. Her expertise includes supporting individuals in developing emotional regulation skills, social skills, overcoming anxiety, coping with rigid thinking and behaviors, and developing awareness and acceptance of their own thoughts and feelings.  

Dr. Arie has expertise in helping parents develop the skills to support kids who struggle with emotional regulation, parent-child relationships, or trauma.


Dr. Arie is a certified Groups Psychotherapy (CGP) specializing in group therapy. She offers groups for therapists, adults, kids, and adolescents.

Dr. Arie integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques with Attachment-based intervention and uses Internal Family System (IFS) intervention approach in her work.  Dr. Arie is trained in Trauma-Focused CBT treatment for children (TF-CBT), and the SPACE treatment to support parents of children who struggle with Anxiety. Parents play an important collaborative role when working with children and should expect to be present in most meetings with their children (pre-adolescents).

Dr. Arie started her professional journey in 1997 as an undergrad with a double major in Psychology and Special Education. During her studies, she worked as an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) technician for home-based intervention programs for children with Autism Spectrum disorder and never stopped working with children in the mental health field since then. 

Dr. Arie's master's and doctoral training were completed at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Followed by an internship at an outpatient anxiety clinic at a major children's hospital in Israel, focusing on CBT intervention. Dr. Arie moved to the US, Chicago IL, where she completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at Northwestern University followed by a clinical post-doc internship at the Pediatric Consultation Center focusing on neuropsychological testing. in 2008 Dr. Arie expanded her work to help children develop social skills in group therapy in addition to individual counseling. 

In 2012, Dr. Arie moved to Rochester, NY. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Arie served as an inclusion consultant to the JCC preschool and became the mental health consultant for the after-school program and the summer day camp.  Understanding the expectations and the limitations of educational and recreational settings in which children function is important to me. It allows me to tailor interventions that would be applicable and relevant to settings outside the office and home.

In addition, Dr. Arie added attachment-based intervention to her scope of practice. This means that parents work closely with their children in therapy to enhance their relationship and facilitate the development of emotional regulation skills in their children. This approach is also most effective in working with children who suffered early childhood trauma.  Dr. Arie integrates Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with Attachment-based intervention.  Parents play an important collaborative role when working with children and should expect to be present in most meetings with their children (pre-adolescents). 

Dr. Arie moved to Bellevue, WA in the summer of 2019. She is excited to continue her work within the Pacific Northwest community.


Dr. Arie is fluent in English and Hebrew. She can also support families who prefer to speak Russian or Hungarian but are proficient enough to understand responses in English.


Dr. Arie is a mom of three boys. 

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