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Process Group for Therapist - Online

Ongoing Group - Interviewing Candidates Now

A process group helps therapists learn with and from others about relationships. Learn about the gaps between how you see yourself and the way you are being seen and understood by others. The group invites you to develop awareness, curiosity, and insight about how these gaps form. Most importantly, we provide you with the structure to talk about these patterns while staying emotionally connected to each other. Members will work towards becoming emotionally open therapists and strengthen their ability to communicate with their clients and become more reflective, connected, and mindful of their emotional impact.

​Our approach is relational, which assumes that humans become who they are through past and ongoing relationships.  The group becomes a safe place to learn about the roles you take, obtain valuable feedback about the emotional impact you have on others, and experiment with new ways of being and relating. We hope that these would lead to an improved ability to connect to others meaningfully and deepen your connection with yourself.

​This group is designed for therapists. We invite therapists who are curious to understand their intersubjective impact on others and learn to identify what triggers them and what soothes them in relationships. We wish to create a supportive community of therapists that learn & grow together. This will allow each of you to grow your skill and confidence in supporting clients with complex emotions and relationships.

Meet The Facilitators

Miri Head shot 2019.jpg

Miri Arie, PhD, CGT

Dafna Chen LMHC CDP NCC Counseling Head shot.jpg

Dafna Chen, LMHC, CGT

Details below

The Small Print:



Tuesdays 11:00-12:30 via Zoom.

Starting January 3rd, 2023. Meetings are ongoing weekly.

Who and how many

The group is limited to 8 participants who are therapists. 


$75 for 90 min sessions 

$150 for an initial personal interview.

Reduced fees are available for those in disadvantaged countries and circumstances. Please contact us for details.


1.5-hour weekly sessions; Slow to open ongoing group. Commitment to 6 months with an invitation to continue and attend longer.


The next steps - Interested to learn more? 


Fill details below and we will call you to have an initial conversation.


Following this conversation, we will schedule an interview for candidates to evaluate for suitability before entering the group.

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