Welcome to Social Endeavors.

Social Endeavors is a practice that focuses on relationships. We believe that social interactions are a crucial component in human development. It start at childhood development and continues to play an important role throughout the lifespan. Getting along with others can be hard. Our mission is to help our clients deal with personal distress and facilitate growth in their relationships.

Difficulties in social interactions can be traced to different roots: lack of social skills, challenges with emotional regulation, rigidity in thinking and behavior, struggles with anxiety or many other reasons. We offer guided interactions to help individuals and families address these assorted challenges in order to experience success in being together.

Through guided interactions clients develop an understanding of thoughts and feelings of themselves and the other. When this is done, within an accepting and nurturing environment, the individual can practice and develop new interactional patterns that will lead to positive feelings about one self and successful relationships with others.

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Building Confidence Through Guided Interactions.

There are many paths of guided interactions to build social confidence. Sometimes we guide the parent-child relationship;  Enhancing the parent - child relationship will strengthen the child’s ability to interact with peers and adults outside their families. At times our journey will start with helping an individual to develop lacking skills within the framework of individual meetings. At other times, individuals will benefit from guided practice with peers. Group therapy provides a social context in which children and adolescents engage with peers while they learn about themselves and others.  


Social Endeavors Guided Interactions